In the project period, you will travel to the project to Malawi. Here you will join forces with local activists and the communities.

During this 8 month volunteer work you will be part of a development project with a focus on Pedagogy

It is impossible to be a good volunteer without listening to and understanding the needs of the community where you will work. Therefore, you will spend time at the beginning of the project period to get to know the people and the community – to listen and to learn.





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Final preparation and travel to Denmark


To be accepted into the programme you need to meet the following criteria:

You are 18 years or older.

You have finished 12 years of school, i.e. A’ levels, abitur, baccalaureate, lukio, matura or similar.

You speak English well enough to communicate well with teachers and students at the training centres and projects.

You have good social and people skills.

You have a driving license. (90% of the training positions require this.)

You have previous experience with some kind of youth work, sports clubs, youth camps, drama groups or similar.

You have decided not to drink alcohol or take drugs for the entirety of the program.

You are eager to experience a multidisciplinary and collective training programme, which includes theoretical and practical activities.

You are ready to immerse yourself in a multicultural and diverse community.

Do I need to be a citizen of the European Union?


Yes – with a few exceptions.

To do the Pedagogy for Change programme, you need to have residency and work permit in Denmark. This is only possible if:

1. You are a citizen of the European Union.

2. You come from a country that has a “Working Holiday Visa” agreement with Denmark: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.

3. You come from Norway or Switzerland.

Why is this programme so cheap?


The first 12 months of the programme is spent a training centre where you will study and prepare yourself for going to Malawi.

At the same time, you will be employed as a member of staff, in a supporting capacity. This could be as a teaching assistant, social education assistant or “best buddy” for a special needs student.
It could also be in a more practical position such as driver, cook, gardener or maintenance staff.

The salary you receive, will finance the cost of the programme, such as accommodation, food, tuition, field trips and pocket money, as well as vaccinations, flights and insurance while you are in Malawi.

This means that the only money you need to pay up front, is the initial €1000 enrolment fee.