Here we have collected a list of our most asked questions


Yes – with a few exceptions.

To join the Pedagogy for Change programme, you need to have residency and work permit in Denmark. This is only possible if:

  1. You are a citizen of the European Union.
  2. You come from a country that has a “Working Holiday Visa” agreement with Denmark, that is:
    Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.
  3. You come from Norway or Switzerland.
Why do i have to be a EU CITIZEN to enrol?

The Danish Government’s immigration laws prevent students from other countries than those mentioned above to apply for visas that allow them to join the programme. We wish this could be different and have tried to find solutions, but we have concluded it is something we cannot do anything about at the moment. We are deeply sorry about this fact since it is something that goes against everything we believe.

What is a B-certificate in Pedagogy?

Apart from all the studies throughout the programme, you will gain a B-Certificate in Pedagogy through online learning with ISET Higher Institute of Learning in Mozambique. Five subjects are part of the certificate: Universal History, Philosophy & Education, English, Methods and Means and Teaching practice.

The certificate is administered from ISET One World, Maputo, Mozambique, which is using another credit system than the European system. However, the certificate can be recognized in Europe which means the certificate accounts for 315 hours of studies and experience which converts into 12.5 ECT points. This means you can use this certificate to document that you have studied and practised pedagogy.

Please note that the B-certificate constitutes a smaller part of the programme which includes many more subjects and experiences that are not part of the B-certificate, but aim to give you a holistic learning experience. This programme has a total of 1300 hours of studies, lessons, experiences and practice.


Starting the programme you will be employed as a member of staff, in a supporting capacity. This could be as a teaching assistant, social education assistant or “best buddy” for a special needs student.
It could also be in a more practical position such as driver, cook, gardener or maintenance staff.

This programme activity will cover the cost of the programme, such as accommodation, food, tuition, field trips and pocket money, as well as travel expenses for the 6 weeks of bus travel in Europe

This means that the only money you need to pay upfront is the initial €1500 enrolment fee.