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The next Pedagogy for Change team starts 1 October 2020 at two training centres in Denmark, namely Lindersvold and Juelsminde.


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All spots on the October team have been filled as of 25 September 2020.

Experiential learning: The Challenge of the Year


What is Pedagogy for Change programme?


The Pedagogy for Change programme offers 24 months of training and experiencing the power of pedagogy – while you put your skills and solidarity into action.


In short:

• 12 months’ studies and hands-on training of Social Education in Denmark, working with children and youth at specialised social education facilities or schools

• 8 months’ studies and practice / internship at teacher training colleges or early childhood education centres in Malawi

• 4 months’ reflection and information work, plus final exams




Studies, investigations, action, research and saving up money for the programme through assistance work at independent schools and care homes in Denmark.

Participate in relevant courses and write study assignments on topics related to pedagogy, social education, teaching and learning. Learn about the underlying causes of poverty and inequality in the world, about power dynamics, neo-colonialism and how to challenge your own stereotypes.

Learn and practice practical skills such as maintenance, gardening, simple construction work, and project management. Learn how to manage events as a team activity.

Be part of an international community of like-minded activists and share responsibilities.





You will be based at one of DAPP Malawi’s teacher training colleges – or similar institution, see below.

Here, you will listen and learn from projects leaders, teachers, students and leaders from the surrounding villages who are running long-term projects that focus on teaching and learning.

Apart from providing pre-service training for teachers in village schools, the colleges train caregivers who work at Early Childhood Development Centres (pre-schools) in the local area.

After a month of familiarising yourself with the activities at and around the campus, you will liaise with Malawian community leaders and project leaders and contribute with your manpower and skills with whatever is needed.


*Or another African nation where our partner organisation, Humana People to People, operates. Depending on what is possible due to the novel corona virus situation, the second period of the programme could also take place in e.g. Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique.





Back in Denmark, you reflect on your experiences so far, and on your learning process. You evaluate on the different practice periods and what you achieved together with others.

This process allows for improving the programme and underpins the quality of your learning. It makes sure that you gained valuable knowledge and understanding about what “Pedagogy for Change” entails.

You share your experiences with audiences in Europe – in schools, universities, libraries, cafés or on the streets. You find artful ways of brining your messages to the public – through presentations, exhibitions, street theatre or other.

You also finish up study modules from ISET / One World to earn the credits needed for your Diploma in Pedagogy.




At the end of the 24 month programme, you will have no debt or study loan, as you will work as a volunteer in one of the schools or social care institutions. The work you will do, covers your living and programme expenses.

The enrolment fee to jon the programme is €1.000.


Experiential learning

”My time in Malawi was the most beautiful and satisfying period of the programme. This is because DAPP Malawi (Development from People to People) gives you the possibility to act in freedom, of course within a certain frame but with freedom of work.”

Federica, Italy


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